More about me…

In our lifetime we meet very many people. It is quite natural for a person (of any age) to analyze about people or surrounding. People, places and incidences around us leave impact on our lives. We may like or dislike them but they occupy some space in our memory panel. The surrounding in which we are brought up plays an important role in our thinking skills.  On various occasions we want to express our feelings but could not, due to our social responsibilities or ethics.

Because of my profession, I have traveled around the world and  get acquainted with people from different races and religions. Moreover, I came across people from different age groups.  Hence I learned about different cultures, beliefs and even the various ways of thinking. I am a keen observer (its part of my job) and I note down about new interesting facts in my journal.  This habit has helped me in understanding people.

This blog is like a canvas for me where I can pour (share)  my thoughts and realizations.

One thought on “More about me…

  1. djmrakiey September 15, 2014 / 4:28 am

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your footprints.

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