Observatory 2

From my observatory I look into a random window of

Mara’s mind and her room

(Mara is standing in front of a mirror, looking deep into… Thoughts are bubbling out.)

  • Why this happened to me
  • Why are there still some emotions for my ex., even when he left me for a younger one
  • Why emotions and life cannot be mutually exclusives
  • Why am I afraid of left alone
  • OMG this phone is ringing again, should answer this time
  • Mom I am fine, coming home this weekend
  • This restlessness is making me crazy
  • Does it really matters what people think about me
  • Why am I not able to say, “I don’t care”

There are many Maras around us, and truly speaking we do not pay much attention unless we are Mara.


If you are Mara, just keep in mind

Everything is going to be Okay.                                                                                                                                                                                 May not be today but eventually.


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