Reality of life

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination –  John Lennon

Does God/ Mother Nature/ … play dice?

… are for you to fill in, as per your choice to complete the question.

We are not the one who decides about our own birth or death (ignore suicidal attempts).

And so here are some querries for little brainstorming

  • Who decides about place and time of birth?
  • Is it a sheer coincidence to be born in developed or underdeveloped country?
  • Is it just a chance to have or not to have a sound family background, or on grassroots level, even to have a family?
  • Is it obvious to know how to make use of that small organ in our head, called “brain”. We need it all our lives, in the beginning to learn simple things and to achieve more and more as life goes on.

Finally, do we own our lives?

Life! I know not what thou art,
But know that thou and I must part;
And when, or how, or where we met
I own to me’s a secret yet
Anna Letitia Barbauld

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