Yes you are lucky if you do realize!

First of all I apologize to repond so late to my own post  ‘Are you lucky enough

In general I am an optimistic person but I feel sad when I see how efficient others are in updating their blogs. Though I get less time comparatively. Anyways thats another story. Now I should stick to fact that yes we are lucky enough!

There are plenty of blogs writing about depression, rage, suicidal thoughts, feeling empty and what not. Then are they lucky to be caught in such a situation?

Certainly not! But surely it is not the end of the world.

If someone gets the opportunity to express personal grief, can’t it be possible to use the same opportunity to look for an  improvement? There is always an antidote for such difficult situations. Better give it a try. How?

  • Avoid comparing yourself with someone else. No two people are same.
  • Talk to a true friend or family  and share your feeling.
  • Try to motivate yourself.
  • If you are not interested in your own life, instead of finishing it in advance try to help someone who needs a helping hand. There is nothing wrong in give it a chance.
  • Instead of spending time on looking for depressing stories on internet and chewing the cud. Come out of it and read inspirational stories.
  • Use internet for good purpose.
  • Remeber that you are in better position than a lot of people in the World. They are living and struggling for life in every possible condition. Do not give up.
  • Believe in you true power. Always remind yourself that since you are born as human being, there is reason behind it.
Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact – William James

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