Most favourite Autumn dish in Norway – Fårikål (Lamb – Cabbage stew)!

mazeepuran (माझे e-पुराण)

Lamb - Cabbage Stew Lamb – Cabbage Stew

Fårikål, a humble pottage of boiled lamb and cabbage, has been Norway’s official national dish for more than 40 years. Autumn is the ideal month to enjoy lamb in Norway, which can be tasted in a large range of preparations, flavours and cuts. But undoubtedly the most traditional one is Fårikål – made of lamb and cabbage- which is a typical early autumn dish. The season usually starts in mid-September when the lambs are slaughtered. The best Fårikål is made from fresh pieces of lamb meat with bone.
Fårikål is among the best in the world. Over 95 per cent of Norwegian lambs graze in outlying pastures along the coast, in the forests and mountains and over vast expanses of untouched nature.
Sheep utilize grass forage resources in landscapes too poor to use for more intensive agricultural purposes, and sheep husbandry is a cornerstone of the…

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